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SABIC selected Técnicas Reunidas for a petrochemical project
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[China, Shanghai Published:2013-01-11]


SABIC selected Técnicas Reunidas for a petrochemical project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia

SABIC, through its 100% subsidiary, Petrokemya, has awarded to  Técnicas Reunidas (TR) an EPC contract to build a grassroots 140KTA Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plant located in AI-Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The plant will be an addition to the Petrokemya Complex, and will utilize Emulsion ABS technology licensed from SABIC Innovative Plastics.

The project awarded to TR includes the Chemical Storage unit, Polybutadiene Latex (PBL) unit, High Rubber Graft (HRG) unit, Styrene Acrylonitrile (SAN) unit, Compounding unit, Utilities, Packaging unit, Acrylonitrile Unloading, Storage and Pipeline Facility, PK-East Supply of Feedstocks and Utilities.

TR will carry out all the detailed engineering, the procurement and supply of the equipment and materials,  the  construction  of the  plant and  the  precommissioning. The plant will be completed in 2014.

The contract awarded has an approximate value of 400 million dollars.With the award of  TR´s  twelfth  contract in the demanding Saudi market,  in which TR has been working continuously since 2003, TR demonstrates the confidence gained by world-class customers.  TR is also very pleased to continue its ongoing relationship with SABIC, of which TR is currently collaborating in several projects.



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