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The use of biological plastic products are plastic industry
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[China, Shanghai Published:2013-01-11]

As people attach great importance to environmental issues, bio plastics began to more and more people welcome. Biological plastic with its obvious advantages, is expected in the near future biological plastics will become masters of the plastics industry.

Plastics industry in Asia is developing, while China and India are on the Thailand plastic industry developed country challenge. Now the effect of plastics on the environment caused by the positive attention. Environmentalists and plastic industry executives think, plastic industry in the future need to employ more bio plastics to produce more plastic products.

The existence of life in demand for plastic products, from go shopping in supermarket plastic bags to industrial parts precision, plastic products almost get in by every opening. The huge demand to Asia, especially China and India continue to expand the plastics industry. The global market demand for plastic products are estimated at two hundred million tons, and each year is 5% of the rate increase.

People gradually realize that the plastic products caused harm to the environment. People began to use plastic, are not aware of its influence on human living environment, in the past 10 years, because the plastic waste is more and more, people began to realize the serious problem.

The use of biological plastic plastic products, plastic industry future development goals.

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