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The United States of America 's three largest car factory cr
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[China, Shanghai Published:2013-01-11]

The United States of America 's three largest car factory crisis plastic machinery

According to reports, the United States of America automobile industry be placed in jeopardy, three big Ford, GM and Chrysler auto company executive 18 days to go to Congress, asked the government to bail out. They warned, if the government does not hand, the United States of America 's auto industry and economy will face disaster. The United States government plans to the auto industry bailout from Congress and the White House on bail-out funding sources without getting a lack of consensus. The Senate Banking Committee hearings held by the United States on the same day, the three depots executive status report to the members of the automotive industry.

According to reports, Bank of America chief executive officer Kenneth Lewis also said on the 18 day, opposition in the present circumstances the use of fiscal funds to save the car enterprises. Lewis plunged into crisis the United States of America 's big three asked the government to provide relief to a thing called " three companies to save too much ", he thought that saves condition should be the companies through mergers and massive layoffs on the revitalization efforts.

For Senators questioned, the United States of America automobile industry today is the consequences of its own management problems, the executive said, now auto industry face the risk of collapse of the global financial crisis.

At present, Senate Democrats plan consists of 700000000000 dollars of bailout funds set aside $25000000000, as the auto industry bailout funds. However, the White House and Republican opposition mps. They think, previously approved by Congress, the Department of energy loans of $25000000000 to support the auto industry can provide assistance.

The United States Treasury Secretary Paulson (HenryPaulson) who attended the public hearing at the house of Representatives, reiterated its opposition to the use of the $700000000000 bail-out money to rescue the automotive industry position. He said, the bail-out bill aimed at stabilizing and strengthening the financial system.

Senate majority leader Reed (HarryReid) is scheduled to vote on the auto industry bailout test in this week. Generally expected, voted to hope is not high.

The United States of America 's car industry be placed in jeopardy, also affects the auto parts for its part plastic manufacturers and plastic machinery and equipment suppliers to a great extent. A part of the plastic mold manufacturers, especially Ford, GM parts supplier has also received the American auto industry downturn, such as Japan Ube machinery company, company's large-scale machinery is mostly devoted to General Motors and other large companies do, a few days ago by the financial turmoil and the United States of America 's auto industry, has decided to cut costs next year, millions of publicity.

Heavy machinery department Ube machinery company is mainly for the automotive industry to provide equipment, such as the car engine, gearbox and so on, as well as plastic interior parts, into the bumper, instrument panel and so on. Ube in the automotive industry is a well-known brands, such as Toyota are basically used Ube equipment, including the United States of America Ford, GM, Volkswagen of Germany in the world automotive industry in the top few car companies are using UBE products.

Ube Industries Machinery Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UBE) is founded by 1914 the Ube Sichuan blacksmith evolved, in the machinery industry is a history of nearly a hundred years old, has the absolute market share in a large field of injection molding machine. Products include die-casting machines, injection molding machine, extrusion machine, vertical mill, bridges and other bell kinds of machinery and equipment. Set up a number of production and sales branches in Japan and overseas areas, has contributed to the world 's industrial development.

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