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Tung oil waste foam generation waterproof technology
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[China, Shanghai Published:2013-01-29]

Preparation of tung oil waste foam generation waterproof technology

This technology is under normal temperature and pressure using waste foam plastics as main raw material, additive mixing production of waterproof oil instead of tung oil, fast drying, waterproof and moistureproof performance and smoother than that of tung oil, can be widely used for processing cartons and doors and windows.

At present, in order to prevent the carton damp deformation, often coated ripe tung oil to achieve the purpose of. But with tung oil coating, drying speed is very slow, and required several coating, mass production, large occupied space, time-consuming, cost is very high.

The oil production cost of about 6000-7000 yuan per ton, sales price per ton of water oil is about 12000 yuan, per ton 3000-4000 yuan cheaper than oil, can greatly reduce the user cost will be high quality, cheap to win customers, has great market. The technology to eliminate the white pollution, is the best environmental protection projects, not only economic benefits, but also good society benefit and environment benefit.

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