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1, increase the talents introduction of external and internal selection, focus from internal selection.

2, improve the salary distribution and assessment mechanism, have the plan to have the step underground put salary assessment to distribute power

•salary incentive, emphasize the interest drive, culture drive complementary, promote compensation and target responsibility linked benefit floating wage system.
•increase the technical staff wages inclination, and implementation of skills, project implementation of salary, post salary, to project award to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of personnel of technology and development.
•establish scientific performance management system and work flow.

3, increase the welfare of the staff construction, improve staff's working and living environment, enhance team cohesion and centripetal force.

•gradually improving management staff accommodation;
•the construction of enterprise culture and entertainment, enrich cultural life of staffs;
•strengthen the insurance investment and internal propaganda, lifting the employee any menace from the "rear".

4, deepen the training system construction, focus on strengthening internal training, improve the overall quality of the backbone of the staff.

•establish their teacher training, external training, construction by internal professional training institutions and training combined training team.
•staff training by pure technical training for the development of knowledge training, skills training and attitude training in three aspects as the core of the staff education and training system, adopt a flexible way to staff training, propaganda and indoctrination corporate culture, foster a spirit of teamwork.
•through the management of personnel, personnel quality, cost, to instill a sense of crisis, strengthen internal management, reduce costs, improve product quality to the final, by digging inside the submarine and innovation, enhance employee salary.

5, to explore and implement more effective employment mechanism

• establish internal promotion mechanism, create a "can person on, light let, Yongzhe, the withdrawal of " fair competition environment. Do not conform to the development of the company personnel were eliminated, there will be experience, strong ability of staff promoted to management.
•promote management job rotation system ( interdisciplinary centers, cross-sectional ), realize the reasonable mobility of talents.
•advocate for crisis management, pursue end fall into disuse, layoffs, reflect the survival of the fittest in law.
•optimization in the senior management personnel of the age structure and knowledge structure, adjust, reduce to hold several duty concurrently personally phenomenon. Through the analysis of the reasonable division of labor, to specialization road development, and to assist the employee's occupation career planning.

6,Construction of the 6 echelon personnel, reasonable with old and new, the sales team and management team younger, technical team stability.

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