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Core-value Viewpoint: Yes, I can do.

What shineworld steer to “5S”& “3E”


Shine: Shineworld steer to introduce and export the best and suitable products made in china to all over the world, also import and introduce the best products and high technology from all over the world into china.
Solution: Shineworld steer to provide the complete solution for wire and cable plant, petrochemical plant and villas and buildings.
Satisfy: Shineworld steer to try our best to satisfy customers.
Smile: Shineworld steer to company customers with smile service before sales, during sales and after sales. Let you smile is our goal.
Share: Shineworld steer to share happy and profits with customers and partners.


Efficient: Shineworld steer to provide high efficiently work.
Economy: Shineworld steer to provide the economical solution.
Engineering: Shineworld steer to provide Multi aspects service to customers and make sure the successful delivery.

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