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Shineworld group, established in 2002, the predecessor is Logistics Company, mainly is cooperate with CSCL, COSCO to do the General Contract Project Logistics . In 2005, Shineworld jointed venture factory in Anhui province together with Anhui Prius extruder machine Co., LTD., then began to march on wire and cable equipment field. In 2006 Shineworld invested petrochemical industry, cooperated with Wuhai Runzhida company and professionally worked on petrochemical equipment. In the same year, Shineworld international window set up, then in 2011, the invested manufactures, trading company and logistics company integrated into Shineworld Group.

Shineworld is a group that collects research, production and sales into one body. We insist on professional and industrial. Whatever for wire and cable equipment or petrochemical equipment, our factory locals in the special area and we could make sure the purchase, design, and manufacture, service are all in the same industry channel, thus, we can control the cost, improve the work efficiency.

In 2006, Shineworld opened the international window, besides provided the whole project solution for wire and cable equipment and petrochemical equipment, also worked on building materials,electrical parts and cabinet system. As well as we are agent of some famous brand for the correlative products in Iraq, Brazil and Nigeria market. We invested trading company in Iraq joint with the Iraq Company and set up office in Nigeria.

Technology internationalization, capital internationalization,talent internationalization is our tragedy aims. From 2011, we began to set up office and joint company in Iraq and Nigeria, order to realize the localization sales, localization production and management. Finally, realize the internationalization brand.

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