Installation and Commissioning for Wire and Cable
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Shineworld have the skilled engineers who can give accurate instruction. It is our responsibility to suggest the necessary preparation
list for the installation and commissioning till to the good, qualified cable produced.
Based on different machines, we will assist you to do the commissioning preparation, souring the necessary material: tape, filling and cable making material and parts of the semi-finished conductor used during the commissioning.

  1. 1. Based on the under commissioning machine, arrange the engineer efficiently
  2. 2. Surprise the installation to make sure the good foundation building and mechanical/electrical preparation. Avoid any risk
  3. 3. Commissioning and running kinds of the machines
  4. 4. Educate the production process flow, and guide the workers produce kinds of cables
  5. 5. Educate the daily maintenance point

Picture 1: foundation building /supervise the foundation building /under installation factory in Middle East cable factory

 Picture 2: Installation in Middle East cable factory

 Picture 3: Checking the wire connection situation.


Picture 4: Educating how to operate the machines

 Picture 5: Educate the daily maintenance point for the stranding machine

 Picture 6: Guide the workers how to lay up the cables

 Picture 7:educate the production manager in the middle east cable factory

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