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From Shineworld, you could get the solution for how to build a new cable factory, how to run the High-Middle-Low voltage cable, special cable factory. Including: production process design, factory design, selecting the machines, following the production, QC controlling, supervising the loading, assisting the commission and offering the aftersales service. You will get the professional comments and suggestion and have a project manager to control your whole project running

1. Production process design
2. Factory building
3. Machine souring
4. Follow the production and strictly QC control 


1. Production process design


Based on what kind of the cable you will do and based on the factory situation, our professional engineer could help you to do the production process design. And give you the professional consultant. Including: the power cable, the control cable, optical cables, telecom cables, rubber power cables, overhead wires, plastic power cables, cross-link power cables, lan cables

One solution for the power cable :including: drawing, stranding, laying up and insulation, sheathing and testing

One solution for the CAT cable /Telephone cable : including: drawing, insulation, pair twist, laying up , braider, sheathing, testing.

Case 1 in South Africa : one low voltage power cable factory

Case 2 in South Africa: the workshop for the PVC compound


Case 3 in South America: special cable factory in South America.

Case 4 in Middle East: one copper rod production factory

Refer to the producing process design, based on the factory surrounding and the real situation, the professional RD team could assist you finish the factory architecture design, structure design, including: water, air and power, lighting design. The services for building up the steel fabrication, doing the foundation, assembling the workshop are all available here. 

Picture 1: the semi-finished factory, under construction and the workshop wall

Picture 2: the assembling steel fabrication and the foundation 

Picture 3: how to connect the steel fabrication

Picture 4: under construction steel fabrication 


3. Machine souring


Refer to the producing process design, based on the factory situation, Assist you to do the machine matching and sourcing.

  • series of conforming line

1. copper continuous casting and rolling line
2. continuous upward casting
3. copper continuous conforming line
4. alu continuous conforming line
5. continuous extrusion line for alu sheath

  • series of drawing line

1. copper rod break down machine
2. alu rod break down machine)
3. non-sliding alu rod break down machine
4. intermediate copper wire drawing machine
5. fine wire drawing machine
6. steel wire drawing machine

  • series of stranding line

1. rigid frame type strander
2. tubular type strander
3. cradle type strander
4. double twister buncher

  • series of stranding line for cable core

1. drum twister with caterpillar
2. cradle type cabline machine

  • series of extrusion line

1. extrusion machine
2. 3-layer co-extrusion ccv-line

  • miscellaneous equipment

1. cradle type steel wire armoring machine
2. steel tape armoring machine
3. copper tape screening machine
4. coiling machine
5. wrapping machine
6. shriking machine
7. wire and cable testing machine

Case 1: based on the cable kinds and the cable size, we introduce the following type machine:13 dies Copper/alu breakdown machine- 17 dies intermediate drawing machine – 22 dies fine wire drawing machine- 630/61 rigid frame stranding machine- 630/800/1250mm double twist bunching machine- 1250mm laying up machine- 45/65/90/120/150 extruder line-coiling machine –testing machine


The strictly QC control is from selecting the qualify engineer, till to the good protection for the loading parts.

  • Inspect the supplier, select the supplier
  • Fix the order terms
  • Fix the technical information
  • IQC
  • QC  
  • FQC
  • QA
  • Surprise the loading

Make sure the full loading and good fixing and protection the machines.

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